Strategy is a learning process, not a rigid roadmap. While clear goals and well-defined pathways to reach those goals are essential, the complexity and changing nature of the health sector requires organizations to evolve as circumstances change.

Yegian Health Insights refines and sharpens your strategy to increase alignment with desired outcomes by:

  • Facilitating discussions with leaders and teams
  • Conducting stakeholder interviews and distilling key themes and implications
  • Identifying best practices and gathering evidence of effectiveness to inform potential directions
  • Developing scenarios to explore possible futures

Market and Policy Analysis

Health care is complex, with ever-changing market conditions and an evolving policy environment. Whether the priority is understanding the regulatory landscape or assessing market opportunity, distilling the core elements into a clear and coherent story that can be easily understood by a variety of audiences is essential.

Yegian Health Insights brings deep understanding of health care markets and policy, and analysis that connects the dots through:

  • Conducting a scan of a regional health care market or a key segment of the market, such as payment arrangements or adoption of telehealth
  • Assessing the policy and regulatory landscape at the federal or state levels
  • Weaving quantitative data (such trends in insurance enrollment) and qualitative data (such as key informant interviews) into a compelling story
  • Producing reports, fact sheets, slide decks, and other materials that communicate complex information and ideas for diverse audiences

Learning and Evaluation

Launching a new strategy or initiative is exciting and energizing, requiring extensive planning and preparation. Systematically capturing results and lessons learned and sharing them across teams is equally important but often receives less attention. Creating rigorous processes for shared learning allows teams to create a common knowledge base, build on past success – and learn from failure.

Yegian Health Insights provides practical tools to support organizational learning and evaluation by:

  • Assessing existing processes and data against organizational goals and priorities for learning and evaluation
  • Developing resources and processes to support learning, such as dashboards, post-initiative debriefs, and cross-team sessions on topics of shared interest
  • Facilitating a change process, including training leaders and teams
  • Telling the story of an initiative that highlights results and lessons learned for internal use and for the field

Program Design and Implementation

New initiatives – whether an innovative payment program, a performance measurement and accountability effort, or a grantmaking portfolio – require extensive legwork and a thoughtful, collaborative approach to key design decisions to maximize the chance of success.

Yegian Health Insights bridges the big-picture goals and the implementation details by:

  • Identifying target audiences and developing compelling use cases - examples of how the program will meet the needs of various audiences
  • Engaging stakeholders in the design process to ensure the resulting program reflects their perspectives and gains their buy-in
  • Developing specific recommendations on key design features based on lessons learned in the field and evidence of effectiveness
  • Creating an implementation roadmap that identifies key milestones