Jill Yegian is a consummate professional.  From strategy to evaluation, her sophistication and technical acumen is matched by her commitment to excellence.   Jill is the kind of consultant you hire for one piece of the project only to realize that her diverse talents allow her to integrate complex material, provide leadership across different stakeholders and communicate process, data or summary findings with confidence and accuracy.   Jill Yegian was the Hail Mary pass that we needed for a fourth quarter turnaround on a complex healthcare workforce project.  In 2019, she brought her technical skills to lean hard into a project that required swift intellectual ramp up, political savvy and dogged project management.  Jill was both the organized anchor and the spark of light we needed to cross the finish line.  I stand in deep appreciation of her professional integrity and fidelity to the rigor of the assignment.


Mélange Matthews, MPH, MCP, Chief Operating Officer

Jill brings extensive health care policy experience and a strong research background. She was integral to building program policies, collaboratively with critical stakeholders, to establish an All-Payer Claims Database in California. In a dynamic public policymaking environment, Jill repeatedly demonstrates her shared commitment to the success of the program—a rare and welcomed quality. She is organized and flexible and can work as an integrated member of the team or as a lead who can independently oversee projects to completion. The opportunity to work with Jill has been a true pleasure.


Michael D. Valle, MPA, Deputy Director, California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development

The breadth and depth of Jill Yegian’s experience with and understanding of the health care market is exceptional. She has led teams and worked individually in the analysis of numerous payment and organizational structures, with an emphasis on how they can be improved. She has particular expertise in capitation, accountable care contracting, and physician-hospital alignment in the complex California context. It has been intellectually stimulating for me personally to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Jill on research projects at the University of California, the Integrated Healthcare Association, and now at Yegian Health Insights.

James C. Robinson, Ph.D., Leonard D. Schaeffer Professor of Health Economics, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley